A cry for help

As some of you know, this spring our basement got flooded during the unfortunate events on St-Louis Street. Although the river didn't reach us (we are therefore not eligible for government support), we did suffer from sewage backup during the heavy rains. Long story short, insurance helps us pay for our lost goods but not for building repairs.


After the unexpected purchase of a brand new water heater (we’ve been without hot water for almost a month), we now face about 8 000$ in unexpected repairs in order to get back a little living space, such as my art studio and our improvised living room (the real living room being used for the tattoo studio!).


Swallowing my pride, I am asking for help in hope to gather the funds necessary to renovate our home and work space.

EDIT: After discussion with the contractor, we decided to prioritize the interior repair of the building (cement floor) and to postpone the external repairs (drains), which greatly reduces the amount needed in the short term.



Thanks to everybody who helped so far!

How to help

1. By buying one of 2 letter sized hand signed prints, for 20$ each (25$ with mailing)


You can pay over Paypal or Interac money transfer at: while specifying which print you want as well as your mailing address OR contact me at the same address to arrange a pickup in person.



2. By sending a spontaneous donation over Paypal or Interac money transfer at:


3. By participating to our GoFundMe campaign.


Thank you for sharing around!


Personal savings : 3000 $

Print sale and donations : 785$

GoFundMe : 350 $


TOTAL : 4135 $ / 8000 $


Thank you!