Please note there is no piercing service at VisionArt

Thank you for contacting Perçage Professionnel de l’Outaouais!


243-a, boul. St-René Ouest

Gatineau, Québec

(819) 663-5325


 The best piercing service in the Outaouais region is:

  • An ever growing organic plugs collection.
  • A custom and high quality jewelry selection.
  • Special orders to accommodate your every needs.
  • High quality and affordable microdermal implants with a variety of style.
  • Internally threaded titanium jewelry.
  • Titanium anodizing on site for the color of your choice.
  • A personalized stretching service, with implant grade jewelry.
  • A 5 stars, friendly and personalized customer service!
  • Getting the second basic piercing for half price upon buying a second jewel!