Art and tattoos : social and spiritual vectors

Creativity, unique to mankind

What makes mankind unique? Scientifically speaking, one of the only things differentiating a human being from other animals is its capacity of abstraction. Its evolution equipped him with a brain able to imagine and conceive new ideas, different from the real and concrete world surrounding him. “The modern humans slowly acquired the power to imagine, to form mental pictures of things that did not exist and to imagine abstract concepts. The ability to mentally visualize a thought or an idea. The ability to reach into an imaginary world and bring forth its fruits to reality.” (1)

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On Modern Baroque art

In my most recent research, I felt the need to clearly identify my artistic style and consequently identify myself. By collecting my ideas together in my article “Art : social and spiritual vector”, I finally came up with the Modern Baroque qualifier.

The Modern Baroque term currently exists in decoration but, to my knowledge, no visual artist claimed it yet. I believe that this current exists for some time now, particularly in the world of tattooing where the antique, decorative and floral subjects are largely in fashion.

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Thoughts on the tattoo artist’s profession in the Quebec province in 2010

While reading “Le Bloc Notes” December 24th post about rethinking one’s work as a mental health worker, I felt compelled by several aspects very similar to my tattoo artist job and it has inspired me to share thoughts I’ve been pondering for a while about my work the same way “Le Bloc Note” did.

How can we explain that our work as a tattoo artist, a job that seems very simple at first and not too demanding, can be exhausting, energy demanding, thankless and even sometimes traumatizing. According to some people, tattoo artists just draw on people all day long while listening to their favourite music. How could it be any easier?

So how do you explain that our work can be exhausting, immensely complex as well as, sometimes, a source of emotional distress?


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Tattoos on your fingers or hands?

Let’s talk about tattoos, especially small tattoos on your hands.  This article is not for those that have “been there, done that” this is for people curious about getting a finger tattoo or something small on their hand for the first time and have little to no work done. Small tattoos on the finger, the side of the finger or even the side of the hand are a big trend lately. I generally try to dissuade clients from getting them for multiple reasons and it’s not because I’m against hand tattoos. Here is why it's a bad idea. (read the article)

Tattooing over scar and stretch marks

That’s a question we tattoo artists get asked a lot: “Can you tattoo over  scar tissue?”


The answer to this question is yes, no, and maybe. It is possible to tattoo scars, (meaning, you can insert ink into scar tissue), but it’s important to realize that scar tissue differs from the rest of one’s flesh. It’s rough, rigid and much less porous. For the general client looking to work over and around scar tissue, here are some basic questions to explore with your professional tattoo artist. (read the article)

The Process of Getting a Custom Tattoo

This article by Guen Douglas shows the ins and outs of getting a custom tattoo starting by how to properly choose your artist, how to prepare you reference material and how to overall act around tattoo artists and the process of booking, getting prepared and costs.


"When it comes to custom tattoos every artist has a slightly different process. I can only tell you how I work since no two tattooers works exactly the same. If you have any questions about your tattooer’s process I’m sure they would be happy to explain." (read the article)


Tattoo facts you didn't know about

These videos explore topics like:

  • What is the difference between color and black and gray tattoos in costs and pain?
  • What can impact the costs of a tattoo?
  • Designing custom work
  • What artists will and won’t do
  • Tattoos reactions to allergies and changes in lifestyle
  • Licensing of tattoo artists
  • Oozing of ink in the few days after getting tattooed

Can tattoos make you sick?

Is there anything to worry about?

Were you ever afraid of getting a tattoo because of the risk of contracting viruses, or infections?

Or maybe you have a sensitive skin and get allergies easily?

Watch our videos to find out a little bit more about the risks associated with tattooing.

Why tattoos don't like the sun?

Why tattoos are so expensive?

A lot of people wonder why tattoos are so expensive?! Even that little small cross on my wrist has to cost 80$?! In this video, we tried to explain why tattoo studios have a minimum charge and why does it cost so much!!!

The history of tattoos

What makes tattoos permanent?