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Tattooing on scars


How is tattooing over scars different than regular skin?


First of all, one should wait until the scarred tissues are back to a whitish coloration before attempting a tattoo. This usually take around a year post operation. Scarred skin is usually harder and will hold ink differently than regular skin. A good read on the subject can be found here.



Take your time, do your research, look at other scar tattoos and talk to your artist to understand how much coverage is realistically possible.

Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer is an epidemic with uncertain causes. The most recent statistics estimate that one woman out of eight will suffer from it within her life time. More than half of them will be left with scars or with their nipple completely removed. Many women mourn the loss of an important part of their femininity and find new ways to define themselves as women. Cancer should not have to leave the last mark. 



"A breast-cancer diagnosis is heartbreaking and a mastectomy ultimately can save your life. However, the scar left behind is a daily reminder of the breast that is gone. No matter if a woman opts for reconstruction or not, a process of mourning and healing begins.  On my own path towards acceptance, I choose to take ownership of my scar by embellishing it.  Karine was not only able to propose beautiful artwork but was intently calm and compassionate during the whole process.  She understood the meaning and importance of the tattoo beyond its physical appearance. Karine, thank you for being such an important part of this process."

Mélina, Gatineau



In the case of a mastectomy, a good alternative to areola and nipple reconstruction is to obtain the illusion of a raised nipple (as well as the areolar glands) by a tridimensional realistically looking tattoo without requiring further surgery. This aesthetic alternative can also be used in conjunction with reconstruction to add the pigmented areola. On the other hand, when someone goes for a creative tattoo, it becomes a memento of the experience and a symbol of survival. Choosing a tattoo can be a life-affirming act of strength, transformation and resilience.



My expertise enables me to determine the best option for you, considering the artistic principles of body proportions, graphic composition and lights and shadows. This process includes a personalized free consultation to thoroughly discuss the desired theme, color, shape and size, as well as a follow up and touch up session to insure optimal results.




I value and welcome each of you and your personal story with compassion and understanding.

It is an honor for me to accompany you in this healing process.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions.

Alternative Solutions

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