Tattooing is a profoundly significant act toward the unique expression of oneself. A unique quality of custom tattooing is in its creation process. The concept initially provided by the customer is assimilated, enriched and reinterpreted by the artist, which then ink it permanently in the person who the idea originated, thus completing the cycle. It is in the intention of the design and in the attention paid to the application that the end result becomes transformative, sometimes even transpersonal.



My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story. – Johnny Depp

Vegan certification


Did you know that your tattoo might not be vegan? It means that some animal by-products may be found in inks or supplies used for the application and healing of your tattoo. Glycerin and some pigments (especially black pigments) are generally obtained from bone or animal fat. Most of the recommended aftercare products also contain derivatives. At Studio VisionArt, I offer the ethical choice with my service. This is why I am proud to certify that my tattoos are 100% vegan!

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Please note that I am now working from my home office, located on St-Louis Street in Gatineau. My office is professionally installed in an entirely dedicated room. My high hygiene and quality standards are the same I’ve been honoring for 14 years practicing this profession. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.